About Me


Quenten Griffith

DevSecOps Engineer, Runner, Gamer

Me summed up

About sections are always a struggle. Writing about ones self is not my fortiy. I have been in the computer industry since 18, 25 years. Computers always came natural to me. It all started when we got our first one growing up. I would always find a way to break it, and had to fix it before my dad got home and I got into big trouble. From there I taught myself everything. Started mostly on the hardware side, understanding how they work. Then moved to the software. I have been doing DevOps before the term was coined. I am pretty lazy and prefer to automate things, and have comptuers do the work. I have always taken the approach if there is something I have to do more than once, why not automate so I can find something more fun to do. After being hands on keyboard for over a decade I wanted a new challenge, so I grew into leadership. I enjoy mentoring people on my team and other teams to hone their skills and improve their careers. I take a teaching first approach and use my vast years to help grow others. Outside of the tech world I run, video and board game, hike and read. Often I start my mornings with a run and am currently training for two half-marathons at the end of the year. One in Disney!

Fun fact:

I got married during the height of the lock down phase of the pandemic! Our wedding plans had been destroyed, but I was able to pull of a much smaller affair, even having one of my wifes best friends do the ceremony. We even had the police called on us because someone reported we had a gathering of 40 people (we had 6 including the photographer). I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend, my adventure partner, and someone who turned my life around and taught me how to be be healthy and love fitness.