Dedicated and seasoned Technical Leader with 20 years of comprehensive technical expertise and 6 years of proven leadership experience. Demonstrates a profound understanding of software development processes and excels in overseeing multifaceted technical projects. Leveraging a wealth of knowledge, committed to driving organizational success by aligning technology initiatives with corporate objectives. Adept at mentoring teams to achieve peak performance, fostering growth, and contributing to the attainment of both short and long-term strategic goals.



2023-04-04 -
DevOps Manager/Lead Engineer

DevOps Manager of a 5 person team responsible for managing the technical roadmap across the entire organization. Delivery secure and cost effective solutions across our 20 product lines.

  • Led the implementation of efficient DevOps practices, resulting in streamlined workflows and improved collaboration between development and operations teams.
  • Reduce overall cloud cost by 30% with a savings of over $100k a year
  • Led workshops with developments teams to empower them to create their own deployment pipelines and infrastructure using code.
  • Collaborated with our security team to implement a secure CICD Pipeline across the organization.
  • Led an effort to reduce our monitor spend by 80%, replacing Datadog with Signoz.
  • Designed a secure secret storage implementation of HashiCorp vault to consolidate various secret management tools
  • Mentored a junior member of the team to grow their skills around AWS and EKS.

Slingshot Aerospace Inc

2021-10-11 - 2023-04-02
DevSecOps Lead

As the inaugural DevOps hire, pioneered the development of standards and policies for Cloud infrastructure and automation. Introduced and implemented tooling to establish a robust foundation, contributing significantly to building the organization's technological framework from the ground up.

  • Hired a team of 4 DevOps Engineers and one IT Engineer
  • Automated all AWS Account creation
  • Replaced the legacy VPN with Twingate
  • Brought in Okta for SSO for all our applications and AWS
  • Converted our main application to Kubernetes on EKS
  • Partnered with Information Security to roll out a DevSecOps team to secure our cloud environment
  • Worked with development to move build process to Github Pipelines
  • Deployed WAF and AWS Config across our AWS Organization with logs being sent to a SEIM for analysis.

Epic Games

2020-06-08 - 2021-10-01
Lead of DevOps

Manager of the IT DevOps and Hosted Service team. Leading and providing guidance in cloud and DevOps practices as well as owning the Atlassian suite of products used by all of Epic.

  • Lead a group of DevOps, SRE, and developers to develop, and host internal solutions
  • Setting standards for AWS, Terraform, Ansible
  • Helping level up others in IT on cloud and DevOps technologies by creating training and guides
  • Partnering with InfoSec to adopt secure principles for all our internal applications and deployments
  • Managing the Jenkins and deployment frameworks for all of IT
  • Managing the 25+ AWS accounts with in IT
  • Partnering with other teams outside of IT in architecting and deploying their solutions to AWS

Xylem Inc

2019-05-01 - 2020-06-01
Global Director of Operations and Development

Director of a global DevOps team, leading teams in the US, India, Singapore, Sweden, and China. Responsible for bringing together these dispersed teams as one.

  • Lead remote teams in India and China, as well as the US creating a single Global DevOps team
  • Setting standards and guidelines for all cloud-based applications
  • Working with over twenty development teams spread across the organization to bring their applications under the Global DevOps standards.
  • Investigating and adopting technology to handle massive enterprise deployments on Kubernetes and in multiple clouds
  • Creating a multi-cloud framework in terraform to rapidly bring up infrastructure for new applications
  • Setting security guidelines for cloud-based deployments

Xylem Inc

2018-04-02 - 2019-05-01
Senior DevOps Manager

Manager of an eight-person DevOps team with local and remote reports. Responsible for standardizing and automating deployments across several projects and divisions.

  • Lead an initiative to implement Kubernetes across the enterprise. Rolled out a plan to convert all our applications to docker containers running on AWS EKS
  • Created helm charts for over 200 applications across 37 projects to be used to automate the deployment to Kubernetes
  • Created a centralized global repository for all artifacts across the company using Jfrog Artifactory
  • Introduced a new way for DevOps to work with the Development teams by embedding a DevOps person into each of the Development sprints
  • Lead and implemented an effort to switch build and deployments from Jenkins to Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Worked with various vendors to reduce license cost
  • Created custom training videos on DevOps technologies to help onboard future DevOps resources as well as provide training for DevOps resources across the globe.

Xylem Inc

2017-09-04 - 2018-04-02
Senior Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer working with AWS, Salt, and Jenkins to standardize and automate deployments across several projects and divisions.

  • Lead DevOps effort on new greenfield application.
  • Re Architected the deployment process so that every new application used the same framework. Allowing for easy onboarding.
  • Converted deployments to use RPM’s allowing for easier installations
  • Brought in Sumologic to replace an aging ElkStack
  • Brought in Datadog to replace Nessus
  • Established Infrastructure as Code using Terraform for all deployments in AWS