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Long time no post

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    Quenten Griffith

New house, new car, new year

I have been away for awhile. Training for the half-marathon, work and such kept me very busy. I'd like to say we made it to Disney and crushed our race. Sadly that wasn't in the cards. We randomly went out to look at a new construction build in Sept. and feel in love. Ended up going down the journey to purchase it and with the closing date stated it was the week of the half-marathon, we decided we should not be traveling to Flordia. However we did find a local half so all was not lost.....till it was. My wife had to travel the week before the race and upon her return she brought the plague. We both where so sick that walking was out of the question let alone doing a run. So after 12 weeks of training we did not run the race. All is not bad because I did accomplish all my goals during training. I ran several half-marathons. I ran my fastest half, and my first half where I had to take no walking breaks. I was only one minute over my goal time on the last half I ran. So even though I didn't run an actual race and get a medal, I am still very happy with the work and the results.

Since then however running has taken a back burner to everything else. Buying a house, getting the old house ready to rent, packing, moving and un-packikng kept us pretty busy. I didn't have the energy to add running to the mix. We did make it into our new house the day before Thanksgiving and have been able to celeberate the holidays here.


I get to look at this view every day at lunch so all of it was worth it for this alone


During all this fun I decided the Tesla no longer made sense, and traded it in for a new truck.


It is taking a lot to get used to, mostly parking it, however I love it. It has come in so handy already. It is comfy to drive and a great dog adventure car.

Site News

I have upgraded the code that runs this site to the most recent versions. I hope to be back writing code for cool new features. I want to try to get my data from Strava reporting into the site using their API to auto build a page. That should be a fun winter project!