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First post and first run of training

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    Quenten Griffith

One down, so many more to go

Today is not on the first day of my new site, but the first day of half marathon training!


Over the past few weeks I have been wanting to create something. So I decided to re-do my site. It has been a pretty static site that got updated by manually uploading text files. I wanted to learn a lot more about back-end API driving sites with a dynamic front-end. So I did! This site has been created in strapi and nextjs So much morew I plan to do with this site that will keep me busy for a while to come.


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In 14 weeks I run 1 of 2 half-marathons this year. The first being a disney and the second a local christmas themed one, which is only a few short weeks after the Disney one. I will be running 5 days a week for 14 weeks, training with power. Power based running lets you keep the same exertion level no matter the terrian or weather. Paced based training assumes you will run the same pace no matter if you are going uphill and into the wind. With power based running it determines your current level of effort based on the conditions in which you are running. All of this is done via the Stryd pod and a Garmin watch. This week is all about getting your Critical Power dialed in. CP is the unit of measurement that is your max threashold for running. That is then used to setup the range of 5 zones, much like heart rate zones. Todays run was all about running at max for 10 mins with a warm up and cool down in-between. After the end of this week I should have my CP dialed in for the rest of training. I then use that for the rest of my future runs. For example there may be a run that is based on 80% of my CP with a maxiumn of 100%. This is why it is critical to have your CP dialed in because it impacts the rest of the training program. I am using a traning program that I purchased from Final Surge its great because I get a calender view, it syncs with both Garmin and Stryd. Here is hoping for a successful week of training!