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One Week down, 13 to go

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    Quenten Griffith

26.70 miles down

I finished the first week with 26.70 miles. A bit more than I had been running. For a month prior to training I had cut back on my running, and was doing more strength and cycle. I did this knowing my life would be consumed with runs for the rest of the year. It gave me a mental break, as well as my body a bit of a rest. I was still running just not as often or as hard. I think during that time I averaged between 17-19 miles a week. To add 10 miles to that last week was a lot. Ideally would should only increase 2-4% weekly to avoid injury. I felt it yesterday, in my legs. I took a day to stretch, foam roll, and massage gun. I was a bit stiff this morning, the start of week 2, but I managed. It was also far more humid and muggy than it has been in awhile. Fall can't come soon enough. This week should end around 30 miles, with a 9.5 mile run on Saturday. I need to make sure I take the easy parts easy and some of the faster parts toward the lower end range. I am also adding strength training back this week.

Strength is an important factor in running to help avoid injury and improving running. It is something I will have to make sure I find time for. That and stretching. Here is to another great week of running happy.